Do Heathrow escorts earns as much as they used to?

I feel bad for some of my friends because all they talk about is their problems when we get together. It might be from family problems, financial issues or problems with there love life. But one of the most exciting stories I recently heard it from Jenny. She is a friend of mine who I know since we were just little. Jenny is a Heathrow escort; she tells me about the drastic change of her earnings lately. In the past when she first started as a Heathrow escort, she said that she would earn a thousand pound in a week with no problem at all. Jenny was pleased with her earnings every time there are also a lot of days when she will earn so much more like the holidays.

But as time goes on her income as a Heathrow escorts slowly dipped. Now Jenny can make as much as five hundred pounds in a busy week. A fifty percent change as the years go by. And the holidays were not much anymore like in the past. She told me that it is because of her competition. More and more women have become escorts. People now have a lot more options than before, her competitions are getting younger and sexier, and it’s making her life a lot harder than before. Thankfully she already has a lot of loyal costumers that always come and look for her every time. Jenny told me that if she did not develop good relationships with her clients in the past, she would not survive now as an escort.

It’s unfortunate because Jenny is a great girl and I think she deserves every penny that she is earning. She is not only a beautiful young woman but also is a kind person. She made me realize that even if you work very hard and you deserve all you have there are always many people that are going to take what is yours. I’m not aware of this in the past but thanks to Jenny I can now plan for my future. When I got another chance to talk to Jenny several months later, she told me that she already retired as an escort. She said that it’s not worth her time anymore because her earnings still did not improve. Now that she is already forty years old she is planning to get married to her longtime boyfriend. It’s good to see her happy even though she has a lot of problems she is going through.

Luckily she is marrying a guy that is very kind and genuinely loves her very much. Honestly, I can’t wait for their wedding. She is not the only Heathrow escorts that I know; I also meet this woman named Amanda. She has been an escort for just over a year now, and she tells me that her life is great. Unlike Jenny, Amanda is still very young. She is only twenty-two years old, and there are a lot of guys that of guys that always wants to see her. Jenny is not only young but also a lovely girl. Amanda was kind enough to tell me her life story even though she and I are not close. A young woman like her earns a thousand pounds plus every week. But I believe that it’s because she is more beautiful than other young escorts.

She also has a charming personality while a lot of guys wants. In the past, Amanda can’t seven pay her rent, but now she is almost done with her education because of escorting. Escorting gave her the ability to pay for her education and help her parents at the same time. But I was surprised when I asked her if she is planning to stop her job after she graduates from college because she told me that she was not willing to retire yet. Amanda said that she will still try to hold on to her job for five years straight even if she already finished her education. Amanda and Jenny are two different people, but their work is the same. Amanda is just starting out as an escort while Jenny already retired from it.